Research shows that people who treat their migraines with Cannabis experience boomerang headaches, which are caused by overmedication.

How will you know if it’s a migraine?

Migraine is usually accompanied by sensitivity to sound and light, nausea, and vomiting. It is a condition that can last for days and can be extremely painful, restraining you from doing your daily activities.

Most often, it comes with an “aura”, which is a warning sign, such as tingling sensation on your arm or face, blind spots, light flashes, and speaking difficulties.

Taking medication can help, along with lifestyle changes and home remedies. Note that over 35 million American people have migraines, where men account for 6% and women 12%.

What is revealed in studies?

Researchers believe that cannabis users tend to overuse medication. Past research proved that cannabis and opioids affect a person’s periaqueductal gray, which is a part of a brain associated with migraine.

According to Dr. Sulak, cannabis can give an individual a rebound headache due to overuse or dehydration, especially when it is administered by inhalation.

To benefit from cannabis, it is better to take it orally than through inhalation. Also, note that you can build tolerance for cannabis faster, resulting in overuse. So, reduce dosage instead of increasing it.

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