At some point in life, you may find yourself supporting someone that is struggling with mental health crisis. However, not knowing how to do this can put you at risk of burn out.

With that said, here are tips to help a loved one wrestle against mental affliction without beating yourself too much.

1. Have a Plan

Someone going through mental problem will also need the aid of professionals. Several mental health experts suggest that people offering support to mental health patients should have an action plan. This can include:

  • Having phone numbers of psychiatrist, therapist, or healthcare professionals
  • Contact information of friends and family members who can offer support
  • Having phone numbers of mental health organizations
  • Addresses of emergency rooms
  • A record of triggering factors and forms
  • A list of schedules with support groups online

The person struggling with mental distress should share the action plan with his/her support group.

2. Do Not Shame or Blame Them

It is easy to shame or blame your loved one when you feel that their actions are making things worse. If you notice that they are making the wrong choices, it is best to show them unconditional love and help them make better choices.

3. Don’t Decide Without Their Approval

Most often, people think that those who are battling mental problems can’t decide on their own, but that notion is false. You should involve your loved one in every decision that affects him/her.

Planning will help you not only your loved one but also you in keeping your sanity.

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