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KUU-US Crisis Line Society

24 Hour Crisis Line

Kuu-us Crisis Line Society

If you are facing a difficult situation, call us now. We can help.
Adult/Elder Crisis Line: 250-723-4050
Child/Youth Crisis Line: 250-723-2040

24 Hour Phone Support

KUU-US Crisis Line Society provides support to callers with in the Port Alberni area as well as Aboriginals throughout theĀ  Province of British Columbia. Once the crisis issue has been identified, the level of severity for call handling is determined. The goal is to establish a non-judgmental approach to listening and problem solving. A support system is put into place where the caller is brought back to a pre-crisis state. Debriefing is also provided to any front line worker who works with in the field, KUU-US also maintains and in-depth referral database.

Risk Assessment

For situations that pose a risk to the callers or others, KUU-US is able to respond by way of mediating, de-escalating or intervening. As an accredited agency of the American Association of Suicidology in regards to suicide, workers conduct risk assessments and act accordingly.

Safety Monitoring

KUU-US takes suicide ideation, attempts in progress and calls from 3rd party reporting seriously. This may involve providing phone support and establishing coping mechanisms by doing safety monitoring calls. For “at risk” emergency or life threatening situations, workers are able to call upon KUU-US’ own 24hr crisis mobile service for Port Alberni, Mental Health Outreach, Emergency personnel or identified Responders in remote communities.

24hr Local Crisis Mobile Outreach Services

Crisis phone operators assess the need for outreach services. Outreach provides one on one support for those requiring emotional stabilization, linkages for medical risk assessment and CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) due to traumatic incidences. Those assisted by outreach are followed up through a care-plan structure. Individuals are assisted where needed (Home, Hospital, School, Etc.) This is funded by BC Gaming Policy & Enforcement Branch. We acknowledge the financial support of the province of British Columbia.