Most smokers resort to vaping as a substitute for cigarette smoking because they thought Vape stockists is a healthy alternative. Vaping is inhaling vapor from an electronic cigarette. This e-cigarette has cartridges with liquid that usually contains Nicotine and different flavored chemicals. When the liquid is heated in the e-cigarette, it produces a vapor which the smoker can inhale, hence, the term vaping.

Suppose you have doubts about the health risks of vaping. In that case, here are some essential facts that can help enlighten you:

  • Vaping Is Not Safe

The traditional tobacco cigarette contains chemicals with more toxins than the e-liquid in an e-cigarette. Although vaping is less harmful than smoking, it is still not safe. There are numerous cases of e-cigarette smokers who suffered fatal lung injuries.

Most of these cases are smokers who modified their vaping practices by using black market e-liquids. One of the most dangerous modifications they do is the use of vaping products containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

  • E-cigarette Have the Same Addictive Effect as Traditional Cigarette

Nicotine is the chemical in cigarettes that causes you to become addicted. Unfortunately, an e-cigarette may contain more Nicotine than a traditional cigarette. What is trickier is that smokers can upgrade the nicotine contents of their e-cigarette by buying extra strength cartridges for their vaping pleasure.

  • Experts do Not recommend e-cigarette as a Safe Cessation Tool

A recent study showed that smokers who used e-cigarette as a tool to kick smoking ended up continuing to smoke both traditional and e-cigarette. That is why doctors do not recommend vaping as a tool to quit smoking. CDC advises adults to look for other FDA-approved cessation options other than e-cigarettes.

  • Vaping May Be Bad for Your Heart and Lungs

It may have a bad effect on your heart and lungs. There are emerging data that point to vaping as a cause of chronic lung disease and asthma. Also, the dual use of traditional cigarettes and e-cigarette are linked to cardiovascular disease.

Since e-liquid vapor comprises many unknown chemicals, it may have a long-term negative effect on one’s health. And because e-cigarette contain the toxic substance nicotine, which causes high blood pressure and adrenaline spike, smokers can be prone to the possibility of a heart attack.

  • Some E-cigarettes Don’t Have Nicotine

Although most e-cigarettes have Nicotine, there is a selection that doesn’t have Nicotine in them. But even if they don’t have Nicotine, they still have harmful chemicals that can irritate and damage the lungs.

Vaping may not be as harmful as the traditional cigarette, but it still poses health risks nonetheless. The Nicotine in it also causes addiction. It contains harmful chemicals that may cause lung problems in the long term. Here are some reasons why you should quit vaping.

  • Avoid e-cigarette products containing THC
  • Buy only from licensed dealers
  • Do not modify or add other chemicals to the vaping device

Final Words

After reading this, will you continue vaping? The step you will take today will determine your future health.

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