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Facts about Depression

Depression is a disorder that affects a person’s mood and it is related to feelings of anger, loss, or sadness. According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), approximately 8% of Americans, who were over 20 years old, experienced depression in any two-week period in 2013-2016.
Symptoms of Depression
Depression is not just the constant feeling of being blue. Major depression has different symptoms. It can be different for children, women, and men.
Children may have symptoms, such as:

Mood swings
Feeling of incapability
Getting trouble in school


Physical Symptoms that Show Depression is Real

Most often depression is associated with hopelessness, crying, and sadness. For example, people in Korea and China consider depression a myth. However, depression can hurt a person physically as well. Most people are unaware that bodily pains are indications of mental distress.
Here are some physical symptoms that indicate depression:
1. Feeling of Tiredness or Fatigue
Sometimes, people feel lazy and spend most of their time in bed or watching TV. Unlike fatigue from physical exhaustion, depression fatigue has associated symptoms, such as problems concentrating, apathy, and irritability. Additionally…