Most often depression is associated with hopelessness, crying, and sadness. For example, people in Korea and China consider depression a myth. However, depression can hurt a person physically as well. Most people are unaware that bodily pains are indications of mental distress.

Here are some physical symptoms that indicate depression:

1. Feeling of Tiredness or Fatigue

Sometimes, people feel lazy and spend most of their time in bed or watching TV. Unlike fatigue from physical exhaustion, depression fatigue has associated symptoms, such as problems concentrating, apathy, and irritability. Additionally, anhedonia (absence of joy in doing routine activities) can also manifest when a person is depressed.

2. Headache

Headache is so common that people don’t take it seriously. Most often, headache is triggered by stressful situations. Nevertheless, if you observe that you are having headaches every day, you may be suffering from depression. Unlike migraines, headaches due to depression are like tension headaches that recur regularly.

3. Digestive Problems 

Emotions like anxiety and sadness can affect your digestive system. One study by the NCBI proved that constipation is common in people with anxiety and mood disorders.

If you have been experiencing the symptoms mentioned above for a long period, consult with a health professional.

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